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movies inspired by true stories Adding hope, enhancing life



If you are seriously ill or frustrated Try watching the movie 50/50 to add to life. The movie was inspired by a true story when Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) became a cancer patient. So he tried to look at the positive world and try to make decisions that he had never done in his life. Which makes him appreciate what he has Especially what he has always overlooked. Movie HD


The Seabiscuit is the famous 1930s racehorse, one of the most legendary horses in the United States. It was the horse that was the "hope" of the people of that time. The little horse had blemishes, looked at its appearance and no one wanted to train for racing Raised to be allergic Trained to be a competitor of the horses to be used for racing But it turned out to be the horse that won almost every race track at that time.

It was bought and trained by a desperate loser struggling to find the "opportunity" to have a stand like everyone else. The horse and the crowd gathered together to heal each other before working together to create success. And inspires many more people

Sometimes people need inspiration for the vitality of life. I don't want you to lose the opportunity to energize your heart. So let's find out about the story of Seabiscuit. And you may find it worth more than just one movie.

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