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TOP Rated English movies of 2020

รีวิวหนัง Birds of Prey

1. Birds Of Prey Movie Review : A Wild and Wicked Delight.

Birds Of Prey Review: After breaking up with the Joker, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) quickly discovers she’s no longer immune from the thugs of Gotham City. Besides a bunch of people she ticked off, she’s also hunted by the misogynistic and sadistic gangster Roman Sionis or Black Mask (Ewan McGregor) with his accomplice Victor Zsasz (Chris Messina).

Additionally, a young girl Cassandra (Ella Jay Basco) gets caught in the middle of Harley’s mayhem, along with Renee Montaya (Rosie Perez), Dinah Lance (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Helena Bertinelli (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). The women need to team up to have a fighting chance against Black Mask and his goons.

From the outset, it’s evident that this film’s colour palette and vibe is bright and intentionally erratic. Director Cathy Yan’s vision borrows from other irreverent superhero and action films before it but maintains a thrilling, manic tonality of its own.

This conveyed through the characterisation, action set pieces, production design and humour. Bringing that vision to life is a capable cast with the magnetic Margot Robbie in the lead. She embodies the frantic energy of Harley Quinn, putting all the character’s eccentricities on display while being inherently compelling.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell is a revelation as Dinah Lance/ Black Canary, showing emotional depth. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a scene-stealer as Helena Bertinelli/ Huntress. Ewan McGregor relishes playing the diabolical Black Mask to make a deranged villain apt for this film.

2. Jojo Rabbit Movie Review : A bold film that hits you hard.

Review: Johannes Betzler (Roman Griffin Davis) nicknamed ‘Jojo Rabbit’ at the Hitler Youth Camp. He considered a coward for not being to kill a rabbit, as part of the training process.

In an attempt to prove otherwise, he takes a wild shot with a hand grenade, which explodes scarring his face and crippling a leg. The camp run by Captain Klenzendorf (Sam Rockwell). Who fondly remembers his days at war before he injured and relegated to training young Nazi boys. And his associate Fraulein Rahm (Rebel Wilson).

Disappointed that he wasn’t able to live up to his own expectations and with his father away at war. Jojo turns to his imaginary friend, 'Adolf Hitler' (Taika Waititi), for encouragment. Jojo’s already established fanatic beliefs and indoctrination further fuelled by this friend’s pep talks ดูหนังฟรี.

3. The Gentlemen Movie Review : An edgy dose of action-comedy.

REVIEW: From the very first scene ‘The Gentlemen’ grabs your interest and doesn’t let go. Thanks to a string of crafty gentlemen in crisp suits who are out to get each other but not in a crass gang-bang way.

Most of them are them are classy and debonair, some sly and sharp, while some young and charming. And together they ensure there’s never a dull moment. Writer-director Guy Ritchie creates each of his characters with strong traits and a slight vulnerability that helps the audience connect with them.

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