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Fred VanVleet rejoices Raptors without ego, lack of stars.


Fred VanVleet was impressed with the help of the Met Toronto Raptors that even in the days of lack of key stake. But still able to create outstanding results until winning the latest last week, beating the Indiana Pacers 107-102 points UFA.

'Dinosaurs of Canada ' miss-use card payment Kyle Laos Discovery and Pascal 's drug was supplied ( left knee ) for the visit to Banker's Life Field House in the first round.'

However, others can step in to replace the Geo . R. Nuno Derby (30 points), Fred VanVleet itself (21 points) and Norman Powell (20 points) until the loan portfolio by opening the season. Nor 2-8 is already at 7-9

“ It's fortunate for me to play with so many good coaches that I can grow up. And one thing to remember is the deepest well is located to the right place at the right time, you can create opportunities.

“ The past games saw the rhythm as fun when some of your best players didn't make it. Then it gives other people the opportunity to step up."

" The ogee . The ball ran the ball to him more. He is in a good position. Which the child would not reach him if in normal time, full body … I said the rhythm of playing strange."

“ Or, for example, Norman is a player who always does good results when the main character. It gives more opportunities to spread to the players , they concentrate. And add it up When in an unusual state Without selfishness Nothing much Although the timing is different from the usual, the results are satisfactory."

The Raptors continued to play as the away team against Pacers on Monday. By encouraging two of Keng to return the court again.

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