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Bradyan Baccaraniers’ legs won’t shake even when playing at Green Bay.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady Quarterback Tampa Bay Buccaneers insists that the pirates have no shaking legs despite playing in the NFC championship game at Lambeau. Green Bay Packers' field followed after 'Bucks' made some great outing this season. According to news reports from the NFL Network on Wednesday past. UFA

Baccaraniers, a 6-2 regular-season away record, defeated the New Orleans Saints in their first week game against the Chicago Bears in their week 5 game only before winning the playoff.

Brady is confident that despite visiting 'Lambo Field' against Aaron Rodgers' Packers, they are not afraid. With the performance in the nest of the buttery team who lost once and won 8 games

'We have been doing pretty well away from home all year apart from the first game and the Chicago game,' Brady said, 'for whatever reason. We just do a good job Some years have been like that. I used to be part of another team where it isn't.'

'Let's go on. That would be sweet for one more group, we're going to challenge to bring it because we're going to face a great football team.

This is one of the best stadiums in the league to play. I know they are excited. We are also excited. And it will do for a great football game. '

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